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My “Go To Look” inspired by Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

First use a primer, then apply the foundation! I use a small amount of foundation because a little of this goes a long way! 

Then I apply bronzer and blush on top of the foundation!

Next comes the eyes: Start off with an eyeshadow primer- I use cream eye shadow, then apply a lighter shade in the corner, a medium shade all over the lid and a darker shade in the crease and outer corner!
Then apply liquid liner to get the winged look!

I then curl my eyelashes and apply a base mascara (Covergirl)

And then I use Rimmel London ScandalEyes mascara to finish the look!

Uni Vox Box

NYC New York Color Expert Last Lip Color:  I usually don’t really like NYC lipsticks but this one was really bad…the color (Fuscia) is not the right color for me! Probably will only use for maybe halloween or something!

Red Rose Real Tea Premium Water Enhancers: I really enjoyed this product! It’s an easy way to have iced tea OR hot tea! I got the flavor Blackcurrent Raspberry, so good!

Pilot Acroball Pure White: I love these pens! They are so comfortable to write with and I love the way they write! They are kind of expensive for pens though!

Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure: I DISLIKE the color but I LIKE the idea of these. However, they definitely do not last as long as they say they will (7 days). More like 1 day, if even! But they are perfect for when you want to have fancy nails for one event/one night! They are easy to put on and easy to remove!

Playtex® Sport® Fresh Balance™: These are great for the girl on the go! 

Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation: I really like the way this feels on! But I think I got the wrong color for my skin tone! It is a rather thick foundation with a medium coverage!

Got all of these products for free to test from Influenster!

Colgate Optic White

This toothpaste, toothbrush, and whitening combination is perfect for someone like me. It is really convenient to have the whitening gel attached to the toothbrush because it is one less thing to worry about. Not only that but I don’t have an excuse not to use it because it’s already in my hand while I am brushing in the morning and at night!

It says that you should see results within two days, however, I’m not so sure that I did. BUT I definitely noticed an improvement in the whiteness of my teeth after about a week! (maybe they should change their packaging!)

That being said I think this is a great, affordable (roughly $14) product and I recommend it to anyone wishing to have whiter teeth in a relatively short amount of time!

I received this product for free to test from influenster!








It gets better—the guy is deaf, and he taught his cat the sign for “food.” So the cat’s not just saying “put that in my mouth,” it’s actually signing

Best thing I have ever seen I love cats so much omg

Your cute cat of the day

Blimey! Speechless!

Not only that, but if you notice at the beginning, the cat *gets the man’s attention* as any person who wanted to talk to a deaf/hoh individual would (well, and vice versa IME). I’ve done sign since I was 5, and generally, w/o eye contact initially, you wave a hand or lightly touch the arm (if that’s ok with the person you’re trying to converse with, of course). Generally, adult cats meow mostly to humans, but this cat has figured out that’s not going to work and has adapted. Animal companions! They are INCREDIBLE.

What a smart, sweet kitty!

Teh kittie!! I want a cat. =(

My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” 

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"Shirley Temple, who charmed the nation as a child movie star in the 1930s and went on to become one of the nation’s diplomats in posts that included ambassador to Czechoslovakia during the Cold War, has died.
She was 85.”

Read the full story here

Puto dinero.